Our Mission Statement

To care for residents with compassion, respect, dignity, and understanding where we treat your family like our family. 

To enrich each resident's life with experienced and loving care, provided by 24 hour licensed staff support for all residents' needs. 

To establish goals with our residents and their loved ones in order to provide an enriched quality of life. 

 To utilize auxiliary services such as Home Health and Hospice services, city and county programs and activities in order to involve residents in daily living and current events. 

Our Services

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Our Services

Twenty-four hour staffing to assist our residents in all aspects of daily living such as dressing, bathing, meals,  activities and medications, all while promoting a healthy life style. Including, if necessary, supporting them through rehabilitation and transition from acute illness, and if needed, assistance with the Hospice process. 

Our Rooms

We offer two private rooms and two shared rooms. All of our rooms are spacious and comfortably decorated. Large windows let in lots of natural light. Each room is furnished with a comfortable bed and bedding, a chair, a bedside table and lamp, ample closet and drawer space, and a television for each resident. Residents are encouraged to bring in personal belongings to decorate their space as well.


Our kitchen will be very active. All of our meals will be home cooked, delicious, plentiful, and nutritious, prepared using only the freshest ingredients, and when available, using fruits and vegetables grown in our own gardens. All meals will be served family style in our dining room. With a little advanced notice, family members will also be welcome to join their loved one for a meal. Residents will be encouraged to share recipes so that we may prepare their family favorites. We believe that a good meal is of the utmost importance. Who doesn't love to sit down to a family style table full of good food?

Daily Activities

The  goal for our daily activity plan is to keep our residents engaged with the things they like to do, whether it be board games, knitting, cards, painting, or flower arranging. We will strive to have something that each resident enjoys.  For those who enjoy gardening or just being outdoors, we have a large vegetable garden area and various fruit trees. The back porch is a great place for bird watchers.  The bird life around our home is abundant! Our well equipped kitchen can accommodate a fun day of baking for anyone with a passion for cooking. Nothing like the smell of fresh cookies and homemade bread! 


We thank and support our Military Veterans by offering a Military discount. Call us for more details.

Hospice Respite Program

Our Hospice Respite Program is a great way to recharge your battery. Caring for an ailing loved one is an emotionally demanding and stressful job. Our Hospice Respite Program offers you the chance to give yourself a much needed break. We open our home and our hearts to care for your loved one so that you can have the opportunity to take some time for yourself. We all need a little "me time" now and again!  Reserve your Hospice Respite for a minimum of one week. Give us a call for more details. 530-343-3817 or 530-518-6640

Please call us to schedule a tour of our facility.

530.343.3817 or 530.518.6640